BrakeBest Select Review 2022

Are you comparing brake pads and considering purchasing Brakebest Select brake pads? If so, then you should definitely read this review.

In all honesty, we’re going to review a brake pad brand that I personally never have used, however, it is a quality national brand which is featured in many of our top brands to use lists. The type of BrakeBest pads that we are going to review are of the ceramic brake pad material.

BrakeBest is a trademark owned by O’reilly Automotive Stores, Inc. and is used for products such as automotive brake shoes, brake pads, master brake cylinders, brake wheel cylinders, brake hoses, brake calipers, brake hardware kits, brake drums and brake rotors, designed for land vehicles. BrakeBest ceramic pads are manufactured by Bosch and have been known to be made in India. Platform-specific formulations for light trucks, SUVs, mini-vans and cars, including Ceramic, Semi-Metallic and NAO (Organic) friction materials. BrakeBest offers a number of features which are typically found on some of the better pads from other manufacturers.

If you are concerned about where your brakes are made, you will find that products made in the India today come from manufacturing facilities that do have access to good raw materials and manufacturing equipment, and production practices are world class. Aside from design, materials, and manufacturing location, much depends on the brand’s culture, and commitment to the market, more than the location what kind of controls do they have.

Packaging and Box Contents

As for the packaging and what you will get in the box, you will find it arrive well protected protected in paper packaging and includes four pieces of hardware.

For the pads themselve, you will find that the print it looks very nice and sharp. There is date coding or serialization for traceability. If there is any issue you can go back and contact the factory so they can find out the root cause issues.

The brake kit also includes a built-in shim with a relatively soft rubber material that reduces brake noise that may occur as the pad makes contact against the caliper.

Quality And Material

Brakebest Select pads have ceramic material that is designed to match OE formulations. Ceramic and other compounds are in the material which are all held together with epoxy. The material composition is designed to help effectively dissipate the heat generated under braking. If you are subjecting the brakes to a style of driving that generates a lot of heat, such as mountain driving, or racing, with a lot of braking the ceramic pads are going to dissipate the heat into the calipers. To reduce the noise a multi-layer soft rubberized “QuieTech” shim design has been added, which is sealed with a polymer based friction modifier The new QuieTech shim neutralizes pad to caliper vibrations – resulting in quieter, smoother stops. 100% asbestos-free friction in both semi-metallic and non-metallic formulations.

On the other side, you can see the ceramic construction of it and this is what they call ceramic molded. The ceramic pads are readily really known for being less dusty and also being higher. You can check what are the pads best ceramic or metallic here.

In terms of cost now its doesn’t mean that they have the best stopping power, best stopping power is typically acquired with the semi-metallic pads but some metallic pads can be noisier and can create a lot of dust.

So the brake system will suffer a little bit more wear and tear by treating this because it’s trying to dissipate the heat through it as opposed to the pad. If your vehicle has brake wear sensing, as the pad approaches it’s end-of-life it’s going to get thinner and thinner and eventually a little clip which is the sensor will contact the rotor.

Now the metallic ones because most of the material is metal it is going to help dissipate the heat better so the ceramic ones definitely are going to be for a daily driver somebody who wants a quiet ride and doesn’t want a lot of dust and the rotors.

Metallic brake pads are going to be for somebody who wants high performance does not mind the dust does not mind an additional warranty on the rotor.

But these brake pads are pretty neat pass I’m actually impressed with how they look and they’re retail for about fifty


BrakeBest Select Review 2022

5 thoughts on “BrakeBest Select Review 2022”

  1. These garbage pads glazed my new rotors and smelled horrible when braking. I had to pull them off and replace them the next day. I returned them to the store and purchased a different brand elsewhere.

  2. Boughtt some but I don’t know if I’m going to put them on my SUV because they don’t look like ceramic.
    I don’t want to be cleaning my wheels every single time I drive it.
    Nowhere on the box does it mention dust.


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