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Best Brake Pads offers the best resource for learning about brake pads and making the right choice for your vehicle.
Find out how brakes work, what's important, and make and informed decision on your next set of brake pads.

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Technical Information

Learn about the basics of brake pad design, materials, and construction, or dig deeper into advanced brake technology.

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Sharing product information and experience about what works and what doesn't can be key to success with your next set of brake pads and rotors.

How To Check Brake Pads and Rotors

How-To Guides

Ready to do it yourself? Whether, you decide to DIY, or take your vehicle to a qualified brake service center, our how-to guides can help.


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Avoid Brake Failure

Tips to Avoid Brake Failure

Whenever you are driving and getting close to a stop, or your destination, you hit the brakes to slow down your car and finally bring it to a halt. If

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How to Clean Dirty Wheels

How to Clean Brake Dust

Learning how to clean brake dust from your car’s wheels during car washing is a pretty much straightforward task. It doesn’t take much effort to wipe off, or wash, the

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Organic Brake Pad Material

Organic Brake Pads

Historically, brake pads were contained asbestos. Asbestos was a great heat-absorbent material and worked quite well for the stresses that brake pads endured. Over time however, it was found to

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Common Brake Pad Issues

Common Issues with Brake Pads

Considering how much you depend on your vehicles brakes, properly maintaining your shouldn’t be a hard and logical choice. If you eventually develop any problems with your brake system, including

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