Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Semi-metallic brake pads were introduced after NAC organic pads, and just before the introduction of ceramic brake pads. These pads were also brought as a successor to organic pads because at the time there were many shortcomings in organic brake pads.

Before the arrival of ceramic brake pads, semi-metallic pads used to be a great alternative to organic, and the best performing pads available on the market.

What are The Semi-Metallic Brake Pads?

As can be assumed by the name semi-metallic these pads typically contain 30%-70% metals by weight. Semi-metallic brake pads are often made with multiple metals like steel, copper, iron, and other significant materials.

semi-metallic brake pads
Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Contemporary semi-metallic pads offer improved thermal characteristics, durability, and braking performance in a much wider range of temperatures and conditions because they of the combination of metals and metals. These pads also feature high friction levels for greater stopping power.

If we consider semi-Metallic brake pads cost, the pricing will usually fall somewhere between organic and ceramic brake pads cost. When it comes to quality vs. cost, semi-metallic products are in a good position.

Overall semi-metallic brake pads are very popular among automakers because they are very durable and cost efficient vs. other products.

  • Less costly than ceramic pads.
  • Affordable and durable.
  • Good for heavy-duty towing applications.
  • Great stopping power vs. ceramic pads.
  • Very wide range of temperature conditions.
  • Can leave a significant amount of brake dust on your rims.
  • Louder than other materials
  • Rotor wear rate is increased
  • Priced between organic pads and ceramic pads


We have received a number of frequently asked questions from people specifically about semi-metallic brake pads which are listed below:-

What is the Difference Between Ceramic and Semi-Metallic Brake Pads?

Below is a detailed comparison between semi-metallic vs. ceramic brake pads:-

Semi-Metallic Brake PadsCeramic Brake Pads
Less Expensive than ceramic pads.
A great choice for daily driving.
Good for heavy-towing.
Quieter than semi-metallic pads.
Good thermal control.
Ceramic pads typically last longer.
Excellent braking power in various temperature conditions.
Less brake dust producer results in cleaner wheels.
Less pressure needs to be applied on the brake pedal.Stable under a wide range of temperatures for consistent performance.

If you want to learn more about the differences visit: Ceramic vs. Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Are Semi-metallic Brake Pads Good?

No one brake pad is superior in all applications. Each and every brake pad has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The bottom line is that whether semi-metallic brake pads are good or bad, will depend on how you drive and maintain them. If you are towing heavy trailers, or racing, then a semi-metallic brake pad is likely a good hiois for you but on the other hand,, if you don’t like extra dust on wheels or noisy braking then a Semi-Metallic brake pad is not good for you.

How Long Do Semi-Metallic Brake Pads Last?

In general, organic brake pads have a life of 25000 to 65000 miles. But a brake pad’s durability totally depends on how you drive vehicle and how you apply brakes.

On average Semi-Metallic Brake pad last around 37000 to 45000 miles. After that the brake pads will not perform well.

Wrapping Up

Overall Semi-Metallic brake pads are good in some conditions but not in all conditions. These pads are the mid-range pads of organic and ceramic pads.

Semi-Metallic brake pads giving you the best braking experience in various temperature conditions and you need less pressure to be applied to the brake pedal. And the other side these pads are noisier than ceramic brake pads with giving you extra dust on wheels.

These pads are a little bit expensive than organic pads but less expensive than ceramic pads.

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