Brakes – The evolution of Brake Technology

The automobile brake system evolution, including brake pads and rotors, has been continually refined and redefined since the introduction of the automobile.

It’s seems so simple, a person steps on their brake pedal to push against a plunger which forces a piston to compress hydraulic brake fluid in the master cylinder, which in turn puts pressure on the pistons in calipers to force brake pads against the rotors, induce friction, which then stops your car, and you!

Contemporary automobile brakes work well, and have reached a high degree of reliability, especially when properly maintained. Unless it has happened to you, it is hard to imagine trying to slow down your car or truck, but then finding out that your brakes do not work. The result if your brakes fail is simply panic and horror, and would be a great misfortune. Maintaining your brakes properly helps to avoid various accidents, collisions, and crashes. It also costs you less in the long run.

Today, most cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs, RVs, etc. use disk brakes which are an evolution of brake technology. They are mounted and installed in the front and rear ends of the vehicle. and are connected by a system of tubes and hoses (brake lines). These provide the links between the brakes at each wheel, the master cylinder, and ultimately your brake pedal.

Ancillary to the core brake system are other features which include the parking brake, the power brake booster, the anti-lock braking system, and electronic brake wear sensing.

The modern automotive brakes system is a marvel and has now become extremely independent, dependable, indispensable, and efficient. The high reliability is due to relentless development from test drivers and the innovations of automobile experts.

Materials research, trial and error, automated testing, and failure analysis have propelled development of standard, heavy duty, and racing brake systems. You can now get high performing master cylinders, calipers, rotors, and brake pads, for an economical price. If you are driving commercially, doing heavy duty towing, or racing, then even more advanced brake system materials and components are available.

Despite the complexity, of all the components and features, it’s very simple. Your vehicle has a great braking system which has evolved and stood the test of time. Use, and maintain it well, and you, your pocketbook, and your passengers will be very happy and very comfortable.

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