How To Check Brake Pads? Step By Step Guide

Everyone who drives the vehicle should have full knowledge about Checking Brake Pads by themselves. Checking the car’s brake pad is not only important for your car’s maintenance but also important for driver’s safety as well as passengers.

Here is you can check your car’s brake pad with two ways:

  • Visually Check Brake Pads
  • Check Brake Pads While Driving

We will discuss each ways in detail step by step.

Visually Check Brake Pads

Here we have our first way how to visually inspect brake pads:

Checking The Brake Pads Without Removing The Wheel

Yes, you can check your car’s brake pads without removing the wheel. You can see the brake pad calipers through the tire’s rim hole. All you need to have a good bright flashlight that will fit perfectly in the hole of the rim.

If the brake pad is looking thin like 25% off the new brake pad then it’s a call to new brake pads. Make sure to select the right brake pad is next which lasts more and has a good life span.

Some brake pads come with an indicator, which is located in the center of the brake pad. If the indicator is visible hardly that means it’s time to get replace with new brake pads.

Some vehicle has a warning indicator light on their dashboard. Light is blinking when the brake pad is damaged to a minimum level.

Removing The Wheel To Check The Brake Pad

You have to remove the wheel in the case when you can’t see clearly the brake pad from outside. For removing the wheel place the jack next to the tire you want to remove.

Removing the wheel to Check the brake pad
Removing the wheel to check the brake pad

It is a better option to inspect the brake pad because once the wheel is removed, you will have a better look of not only the brake pad but also of the caliper, rotor and brake lines. You can examine the entire braking system in this way.

How To Check Brake Pads While Driving

We Mention some ways to check brake pads while driving. For these ways, we talked with some experienced drivers on this.

Listening To The Noise

If you have ever heard a high-pitched screeching sound when you apply brakes. If you have ever heard, it means the brake pads are completely worn and need to be replaced. This gives you an audio level warning that you have to change your brake pads.

One exception is if you are driving your car after, such as from rain or after washing it. The moisture can cause a thin layer of rust to develop on the brake rotors.

Responsiveness Of Brakes

There is something going wrong in your braking system when you apply the brake but brakes are not responsive and not stopping your vehicle immediately.

It is the clear sign that your vehicle’s brake pads need to be replaced.

One exception is it also happens when your brake fluid is leaking in the braking system.

How To Check Brake Pads
How To Check Brake Pads While Driving


If you feel a vibration on the brake pedal when you apply it, which means brake pads are totally worn out and need to relace to new brake pads. A vibrating steering wheel when braking may also be a sign of brake pads issues.

Wrapping Up

When you Check Brake Pads keep in mind brakes are not hot even a short ride makes brake extremely hot. Be safer while checking the brake pad.

If you are not sure after checking the brakes make sure to contact a good mechanic in your area. Replacing worn brake pads helps to make your car safer.

I hope these ways will help you to check your car’s brakes at home.

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How to Check Brake Pads

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